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Pedagogical guide for competencies development in reproductive health and HIV and AIDs education

The IBE has the pleasure of announcing the publication of the Guide pédagogique pour le développement des compétences en éducation à la santé reproductive, au VIH et au SIDA, à l´usage des formateurs-trices et des enseignant-e-s, a pedagogical guide for competencies development in reproductive health and HIV/AIDs education for teachers and teacher trainers.

Produced by the International Bureau of Education, in collaboration with UNESCO office in Yaoundé, and planned with national pedagogical teams in Cameroon, Chad and the Congo, this guide has been designed to support teacher training as well as teaching practices in the classroom, firstly in the Central African Monetary Community countries, namely Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo, as well as any other country for which the theme is a priority.

It provides tools and material for introducing active pedagogy methods in the classroom to complement the usual teaching practices, with the aim of contributing to the psycho-social competencies development of students from 5 to 18 years old.

The guide contains the 5 following parts and includes conceptual chapters on active pedagogy as well as a set of lesson plans for teacher trainers and teachers:

  • Part 1: Using active pedagogy to strengthen student’s competencies through HIV education
  • Part 2: The changing role and competencies development for teachers who use active pedagogy in HIV education
  • Part 3: Active pedagogy methods
  • Part 4: A set of lesson plans for teacher trainers
  • Part 5: A set of lesson plans for teachers

The current guide contains 5 lesson plans to be used by teacher trainers and 30 addressed to teachers. The five lesson plans for teacher trainers are meant to be used to train teachers in charge of the reproductive health and HIV/AIDS education because it is a sensitive area which deals with intimate subjects. The 30 sheets for teachers promote the use of active pedagogy methods that allow both the acquisition of knowledge and competencies development, the combination allowing a shift from theory to practice; from a message of prevention in reproductive and HIV/AIDS to a protective behaviour. The psycho-social competencies targeted through the lesson plans are those that are identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) such as “effective communication ” to express one’s wishes, disagreements or to ask for advice, or “ critical thinking” to make and defend one’s opinion, all competencies indispensable for decision-making concerning reproductive health and protecting oneself and others from HIV and AIDS.