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Inclusive Education: From Research to Practice

This book offers a reflection on inclusive education, one of the greatest global challenges of the twenty-first century. Originating from the international seminar organized by the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FAPSE) from the University of Geneva, the International Bureau of Education (UNESCO-IBE) and the Department of Educational Research (SRED) on the occasion of the 48th International Conference on Education in November 2008, this book highlights the concepts, analysis and research to better understand the theoretical and practical implications of inclusive education. 


Having emphasized Education for All (EFA) since the Jomtien Conference in 1990, the international education community looks now to ensure that education systems take into account and are enriched by the diversity of learners and society. In a world becoming more globalized, but also more unequal and divided, the academic and social integration of all learners gradually became a priority for governments and international organizations dealing with educational issues. 


In this book, the approach of inclusive education developed by researchers and practitioners from varied backgrounds refers to an educational system of the future that takes into account the needs of all vulnerable children based on diversity and sharing differences. 


Acedo, Clementina; Akkari, Abdeljalil; Müller, Karin
L'Education pour l'inclusion: de la recherche aux réalisations pratiques
Studies in Comparative Education;
UNESCO-IBE; 2010; 978-92-3-204161-6